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Clean air for everyone

Air is everywhere, so let’s make sure the air we breathe is safe and healthy.

SkyCleaner with ENS envisions clean air for everyone.

A safer life

SkyCleaner are captured and transformed into coarse dust that can no longer be inhaled, eliminating the risk to human health.

Energy efficient

Our systems use a positive ionization technology and therefore consume little energy. This technology maintaining the high efficiency and low energy consumption.

A reliable solution

The technology is often used to improve air quality in urban areas and public areas, around infrastructural facilities, in industrial work environments



A powerful air purifier that cleans 180,000m3 air in 24 hours.

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How does it work?

Our air purification technology works on the basis of positive ionization. The polluted air is sucked into the system. Here the (fine) dust particles are provided with a positive charge. As a result, these particles move towards a negative surface: the collector plate. As soon as the particles touch this plate, they adhere to the surface. The small (fine dust) particles on the plate adhere to each other and change into coarse particles (coarse dust). The clean air then leaves the system.

Serbian company BlueWoods started the realization of the project in 2020 air purification which, in addition to being socially useful, will also have a commercial moment for potential partners.


After researching the market, our marketing team came to the conclusion that in the most attractive locations in the world's cities, the advertising value has the highest value per square meter and decided to place an air purifier in the standard part of city furniture, a totem billboard with a wide range of marketing activities:

Serbian product

Clean air for Belgrade residents

SKYCLEANER is a project of a Serbian company which, after looking for an adequate purifier to place on our market, registered all the shortcomings of the products offered and finally decided to design its own model in which to incorporate, at that time on the market, the best existing technology for air purification. For more than a year, over 30 people worked on this project.

The technology we opted for is the work of Dutch scientists and in various formats is located in Rotterdam (Smog Free Tower), Krakow, metro in Paris, public garages in Belgium, South Korea and in one of the most polluted cities in the world - Beijing, installed in collaboration with Ministry of Health of China.

Skycleaner is not a system solution but is part of measures already in place in many European cities. Following the world needs and trends, we saw a chance to enter the market with our project.


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